LinkedIn Premium subscription benefits infographic

What Is LinkedIn Premium?

Why You Should Subscribe to LinkedIn

  • InMail: This feature stands out among the benefits of LinkedIn Premium, providing monthly credits to connect with potential employers and professionals, expanding your networking opportunities.
  • Job Search: This include enhanced job search capabilities. You gain better profile visibility, insights into who’s viewed your profile, and the ability to see how you compare to other applicants, which can be a game-changer in your job search strategy.
  • Resumes and Interviews: LinkedIn Premium offers tools like Resume Insights and Interview Prep, designed to refine your application materials and prepare you for interviews, underscoring the benefits of LinkedIn Premium in your job search.
  • Continuous Learning: Another of the significant benefits of LinkedIn Premium is unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning courses, supporting continuous personal and professional development.
  • Company Research: Premium subscribers gain deeper insights into companies, a benefit for making strategic decisions.
  • AI Writing Assistant: Enhance your profile’s wording and headlines with AI-generated suggestions, highlighting the benefits of LinkedIn Premium in optimizing your professional presentation.
  • Unlimited Searches and Browsing Privacy: With LinkedIn Premium, the limits on searches are lifted, and you can browse in private while still tracking who viewed your profile, enhancing your networking strategy.

Why You Don’t Need a Premium Subscription

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

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